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heyy ... janelle here .. ii hOpe yOo liike sOme Of my quOteSz;; mOst aRe OriigiinalSz .. but iiF nOt, they aRe eiither :: ;;OneSz ii thOuqht were qutEe // _ LyriiCSZ // "Or made by my friiendSz .. [[sOrrY iif they are sOmeOne else`Sz OriigiinAlSz ..iiF ii pOsted them, iiT meAnSz ii liiKe theM A LOT ..]] heRe`Sz my myspace liinKk .. http://www.myspace.com/10962227 yOo miiqht haVe tOo cOpy and paste iiT iintO the aDdreSsz bar, bUt iiTSz all wOrth iiT! ; ) iiqht .. iiM OUt .. gOodbYe my lOve.. janelle x3 mara and iiT hUrtSz sOo muCh shE can`t even cRyy anymOre .. x/3

Quotes by XoB3BiiGuRloX

so she puts on a fake smile ;; && goes on with her day
you're the reason she turned out this way. ♥
i cant loose you again ..
ill never forgive myself.
i may not mean much to you,
but you certainly mean more than life to me ..
i will not loose you to her again ..
this time im gonna fight for you ..
im gonna give it my all and just
hope you dont hurt me.
and if i do get hurt,
you are worth every tear.
Each of us represents a star in heaven, sometimes we shine with the rest, sometimes we twinkle alone, and sometimes when we least expect it, we make someone elses dreams come true..
-&&- Awl ii wAnt iiSz fOr sOmeOne tOo cAll m3 baby ..
-&&- Put th3 sparkle bAck iiN mY eYes ..
here we go again with the
mixed signals && second thoughts x/3
she has no more tears left to cry ..
he has taken the best of her
its hurts soo much i can`t even cry anymore.