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Quotes by XoCutePieOx102889

They can't hurt you unless you let them.
Because the
truth is, there
is nothing to be
afraid of,
it's just life.
- One tree hill
I will never regret you or say that I wish I'd never met you, because once upon a time you were exactly what I needed.
Sometimes you just need to be with the person that makes you smile, even if it means waiting.

Jesus take the wheel
take it from my hands
cause I can't do this all on my own

it`s the waiting that`s hard.
& not knowing whether you`re
waiting for anything at all.

all you needed was to see the tears streaming down her face,
& you knew the whole story.

and how do you say
goodbye to everything
you`ve spent your entire
trying to hold on to.

I bet you never imagined,
that one day, you'd look around,
& i just wouldn't be there..

you`re barely awake;;
and i`m tangled up in you

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