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Quotes by XoCutePieOx102889

theres a song that`s inside of my soul . . . it`s
the one that i`ve tried to write over & over again
++A Walk To Remember

after all of these years of heartbreak
she finally found a boy who loved her back <3

I love talking to you, beacuse I know
for that one minute, you actually paid
attention to me

&& i cry every night over
the same damn thing  </3

swallow your tears && hide your frown
     never let life bring you down <3

your the only one who
can make me cry now

theres people who let it out and people who keep it in. - one tree hill

the only thing worse than fighting over guys is not having a guy to fight for - one tree hill

Don’t cry because it’s over;;

Smile because it happened

We attach ourselves so closely to people
that when they are gone, a part of us is gone too.

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