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Long practices and tiring games
Yelling coaches and screaming fans
Sweating, shooting, catching, passing
Angry teammates and annoying opponents
Worried parents and athletic trainers
Cheering, sprinting, laughing, winning
Drink breaks and team dinners
Best friends and true winners
Pain, respect, effort, strength
Long bus rides and unfair officials
Fast decisions and making sacrifices
Blood, sweat, tears, fouls
Extreme pressure and big dreams
Making time and having courage
Playing in the driveway
Playing in the gym
I live it.
I love it.
I dream it.
I play it.
Basketball...it is, what I am...

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when a guy tells you that your hot;;
he is looking at your body
when a guy tells you that your pretty;;
he is looking at your face
when a guy tells you that your beautiful;;
he is looking at your <33heart
It`s fuNny how in the enD you alwAys
Go back to the ones who were there*]
`-»F r o m t h e v e r y b e g i n n i n g
"So you want a heart? You don`t know how
[ l u c k y ] you are to NOT have one.
<3hearts will never be practical until they can be made
U N B R E A K A B L E --»" ..wiiZard of Oz..
ii Live fOr thOse niTes ii wOnT rEmemBeR..
wiTh thOse peOpLe i'LL neveR fOrgeT [xO'] <3
Xo itS thE kiNdA cRuSh thAt whEn i jUst fiNisH pUttiNg uPp mYy A.M aNd yOU siGn oN anD :whAteveR: i wAs gOnnA dO dOesN't sEem [ .SO. iMpOrtAnt ] ..aNyMorE 'x3`