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"You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have."
Hey beautiful, my names danielle.
I'm a simple but complicated person and I live an ordinary life. I'm fourteen years young and I blow out the candles on July twenty-fifth. I have type one diabetes and I've had for just about nine years. I don't expect much from people and I hope for others not to expect a lot from me. I don't like to get my hopes up, because I pretty much watch them fall all the time. I love to write and listen to music, those are my escapes from the real world. I'm a cheerleader and have been sense I was six years old it's my life and it's all I know. I love the color pink and my favorite movies the notebook. I love my family no matter how crazy they drive me. I have unrealistic dreams to be a model but it will never come true because I'm the most insecure person you'll ever meet and I'm just not  "model material". I try and look for the best in others because I know that everyone has beauty within. I'm in love with Taylor Swift she seriously knows my life. I hate school with a burning passion but hey what are you gonna do.. I learned this year that life isn't all it's cracked up to be, but hey, you're not alive unless you're liven, so I try to live life to the fullest it can be. But I love meeting new people and making new friends, so talk to me sometime, I might just love you.

Quotes by XoILYoX

Tear her down,

but not with words with actions and watch her slowly fall to the ground.
Get inside of her and learn what makes her tic, happy, sad, hurt and loved,
then use it agaisn't her like some sort of trick.
Take her heart and mess around with it, watch her fall apart.

I cry almost every day.
I look in the mirror and cry or get teary eyed at least.
I hate my body.
I want to be like one of those models in the magazines.
But  every time I look in the mirror I see my chubby cheeks,
I see my (muffin top) and my not so curvy but plump, curves.
I see my huge legs and my f a t arms.
I want to be able to wear tight clothes [without the judgments].
I want to be able to wear a b-i-k-i-n-i and know I look hot.
I want to be able to show my stomach and know my fats not hanging out.
I want to be beautiful


I'm not the person I hoped to turn out to be.

We all dress up, we all put on make up, we all straighten our hair, curl our hair,
we all dress up to look like some porcelain dolls.
Who do you see these days not wearing make up, not trying hard to [impress people.]
We live in a society where make up is what makes us beautiful not our natural looks. 
We live in a society where if you don't try your best to look what we think is "beautiful" you're ugly.
We live in a society where it's a crime not to try.
But in reality beauty lies with in the heart
[It's not putting on make up, it's not buying the clothes that are in style,]
it's not blending in with everyone else. 
Beauty is [taking off the make up] and wearing sweats and a t-shirt and being yourself.
Every ones beautiful,
you just have to remove the wall of the material world we all hide behind
&put a glass window there so everyone can see that beauty's not just make up and nice clothes,
beauty's natural looks, beauty's in the heart.

[I'm so stupid.]
All's I'm doing is pushing you away..
When I only want you closer.


I don't know what I would do without you,
&I don't know how to live without you
You're my everything, so please stay here with me.

Please don't go.

baby when were going good you know were great,
but there's too much bad for us to think that there's anything worth trying to save.

were like fire and gasoline,
I'm no good for you, you're no good for me, we only bring each other pain and sorrow.

we were just two stupid kids in love,
who didn't know what's up and what's down. 
we don't even know what our purpose in life is yet.

how could we have thought we were meant to be.


not mine.