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Heyy im Kayla!! Im 17 my boyfriends name is corey and our anniversary is 12/15/08 and thats all you really need to know

Quotes by XoNaughtyGurLoX

 ·WhAt Is·
what is adorable- 
  adorable is how you and him look together
what is cute- 
  cute are thoses little notes u pass in class
what is sexy- 
  sexy is you pushing me against a wall in the snow and kissing me with the intent to never stop
what is passion- 
  passion is trying your hardest to get something and not stopping untill you got it
what is beautiful- 
  beautiful is about whats on the inside of a person
what is forever- 
  forever is never forgetting  what u have and never giving it up
what is love- 
  love is about the equal balance of all these things put together and many more
Friends are those people u can stay up with 'till 4:00 in the morning talking about absolutely nothing
a guy once told me that it takes a girl to spread her legs a him to take a ride for a girl to get pregnant...not all the time
~for those of you who got pregnant and didnt want it to happen,stay strong...
it doesn't matter who you love, or who you like, does it even matter what they look like,or what clique they're in?...sometimes it does matter, but most of the time, it matters how they treat you and if they show you respect, but most of all
~LoVe you~
>.a balance of holding on and letting go.<
should i give in and do what god has tought us not to do?...i dont know it is just so tough...
its all my fault...
im soo sorry baby...
forget everything...kiss him
take a risk
take a fall
take a chance
love him with all you are