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Quotes by XoSummerbabiieoX

you should let me love you ..<3
iif someone came up to me and
asked me what was the last lie
i told i would have to say it
was when you asked me if anything
was wrong and i said it was okay</3

NeVeR LeT ThE FeAr Of StRiKiNg OuT KeeP YOu fROm PlAyINg ThE GaMe<3

a r O u n d*
call_ me <33
123 485 4585
ur name here

NotzZz* put in font ariel 8..bold the O and make it pink..
maybe im not over him;
but then again maybe i
dont wanna be---»[</3]

mine !! you can use it
isn't that why it's on
here anyway ?? .. lol.
but he kno's i [still] love him
and now it dosn't matter to him
walking away isn't the hard part...
it's knowing that you won't come
running after me that hurts the
most </3
ii knO iit's all gonna bee worth iit iin the end
at sk00l--»<3
be back later
text me :-D<3
1 23 45 87 87
xo your name*

notezZz---»make the dont cosmic sands and black, but make the "»" and "<3" pink and bold the "xo" and the "*" and where it says your name* um .. put youu name lol .. hope you like :-D

12 14 o4 till 4eva!