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hello who ever is reading this. well my name is Loribeth. my birthday is the 7th of June. i have been blowing out the candles for 14 years.
i play basketball. my freinds are a little weird, but i love them. i cant spell, you can see that in like half on my quotes. i have a facebook. well trhats it! thanks for reading this! <3

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guys clearly do not know the meaning of 'brb'

hmm... whats the hunger games...

when you actually think you have a chance with a guy, and then your best friend statrs talking to him..

3 words ;
    Midterms . 

when will my lips
meet yours ?

And today he called me a dork but,
he said i was his dork
ture story <33   

0 faves= i'm ugly.
3 faves=im okay.
7 faves=Im cute
15 faves-im pretty
25 faves=im beautiful
30 faves=im breathtaking.
-repost if you arent afraid-

 Fact #4
flirt with every guy i talk to .