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all the tears you cried would fade away

status: If I can't get him this year, I don't know what I'll do.
Hey I'm Alex. 16. NJ. Its my junior year in highschool. I don't do any sports but I used  to do cheerleading for 4 years. I honestly wear a lot of make up but its because that is the only way I can feel comfortable. I only have a few best friends, but I kinda boss them around.. I feel like i have to be alpha all the time hahaha. I'm easy to get a long with though! And im shy at first. I've been in love with the same boy for almost 2 years, and he's never once lked me back. I tend to fall for boys way out of my league, but this one is way too special to me so its been harder to get over him than the others. I believe if you really love someone then you shouldn't give up so ill never stop trying. Education is important to me but i just  cant help procrastinatiing.. My future is my biggest fear. Im an animal lover. And i love to just be alone and think. Have any questions just chat me or comment on my profile! :)

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i talked to this really awesome guy on new years. hes in this band that i like, lead singer actually. hes 21, im 17; he asked for my number even though he told me i was too young for him. we hit it off but i didnt wanna be just some girl he met at a party, like all the others. i tried to make a lasting impression, but i think i came off dumb. alcohol will do that to ya. he kept telling me how much he likes smart girls, and there i was, being dumb. when im drunk its like i cant even tell the difference between a rock and a fish. im sure that made an impression alright.. and now im just sitting here, thinking of him, replaying simple sweet moments in my head. in movies usually the girl meets a guy she likes and then the next time she talks to him is when she runs into him again; duh. i keep telling myself that thats how it should be. its not like they show her texting him. maybe because its a movie, and they can skip scenes. i shouldnt text this guy, i should wait til i see him again, but thats proving to be a little tough.. on the other hand i dont wanna be annoying and text him.. ive always been that girl who texts the guy she likes till hes sick of her.. like yeah thats me.. but how long can you expect me to go without talking to someone that i really wanna freakin talk to!!? why is it equally easy to miss someone and to annoy someone..
doesnt it all just suck? idk about all you but im sure most of you come on here cause youre missing someone and your emotions are so overwhelming that you cant even form words to describe it; youre hoping maybe someone else can. its days like these we realize how badly we really did screw up. we realize just how far we'll go to obtain love from the ones we love and in the process we just push them further away. i never really believed in giving up, i think that when you really love someone, you'll do anything to be with them. when someones your soulmate, you never give up. youre thinking about someone right now arent you? he means everything to you. you can picture his smile and how warm you feel when your eyes meet his and he smiles. you still remember the last thing he said to you- stuck in your mind like glue to paper. if hes all this to you, then dont let him go. love is a precious thing and its hard to find, its always worth the fight. so go get him, go be happy. you deserve it.
Loving you is such a problem, and im still trying to figure out why it is i put myself through the agony of not having you. Ya see i think i might be stuck, i might not be able to escape you. And with everything telling me to run, i stay. Because if i were to run, id run in a circle; returning to where i left off- you. I think im learning to like the idea of loving you, or atleast im trying to. Maybe the problem here is that im fighting it. Instead of finding reasons to move on maybe i should find reasons to stick around. I love you too much, its already too late to try and change that. No, i know now that the real problem is that you fight it. Even when i finally cope with the fact that i love you too much for my own good, you still wont except it. Because you, so charming and down to earth and god awfully hott, are too far ahead of all this. Me being in love with you is just a little speck on your radar; a mere speck of dust on your window. Nothing. i mean nothing to you. The true problem ive come to face with is that you shine far too bright for me. 
His hair reminds me of a warm safe place
And if I stare too long
I'd probably break down and cry.

                                                                          WHATEVESOULARE  MADOF,
                                                                                  H I S  A N D  M I N E  A R E  T H E  S A M E.


If I had it my way I'd spend a majority of my time with him.
There wasn't anything
I have experienced in my life
that compared to the feeling
of just being around him.


    Life would suck without him , 
                                              >>>  then again, what IS life without him? ♥♥♥


credit goes to someone on tumblr (dont know who lol) but i changed it a little bit yup

Day 1 – Your Crush’s eyes
Day 2 – Your Crush’s hair
Day 3 – Your Crush’s birthday
Day 4 – When you first realised you had a crush.
Day 5 – What animal you think your crush would be
Day 6 – Their taste in music
Day 7 – How long you’ve liked your crush
Day 8 – Your relationship with your crush
Day 9 – How you met your crush
Day 10 – Last time you saw your crush
Day 11 – Your crush’s personality
Day 12 – A song that reminds you of your crush
Day 13 – Your crush’s hugs
Day 14 – Your crush’s sports
Day 15 – Instruments your crush plays
Day 16 – An anagram of their name
Day 17 – How did you meet?
Day 18 – Pets? Cat person or a dog person?
Day 19 – Their middle name
Day 20 – Something they do that drives you crazy
Day 21 – A character that reminds you of your crush
Day 22 – The perfect date with your crush
Day 23 – An extra snippet about your crush
Day 24 – A dream about your crush
Day 25 – You + your crush’s history
Day 26 – How your crush makes you feel
Day 27 – Your crush’s biggest flaw
Day 28 – Last thing you said to your crush
Day 29 – What you love most about them
Day 30 – Your crush’s name
Day 1- He has REALLY dark brown eyes, like almost black but they work on him.

you're every reason

that i DO or DONT get out of bed


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