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My life is inexplicitly a mere fatige; therefore, I anything I would write would be insignificant to your knowledge and would be an utterly waste of your precious time. =] Now go look that up in your dictonary.

Quotes by Xo_DaNcEr_xO93

Sometimes... I feel a little jelous
inside. Imagining someone else who
could please you more than me. I guess
it's my insecurity acting up a bit
because I know I'm not the most
beautiful, most fun, or even the most
exciting person you'll ever meet. But
I do know, that no matter how hard
&& how long you search, you'll never
find someone who loves you as much
<33 as I do <33
________ ________
( \ / )
\ \ / /
\ / /
\ \ /
\ / / y.o.u.a.l.r.e.a.d.y
\ \ / b.r.o.k.e.m.y.h.e.a.r.t
\ / / s.o.w.h.a.t.i.s.n.e.x.t
\ \ /
\ / /
\ \ /
</3 T~H~A~N~K~S </3
</3 for a /n\i/g\h/t\ </3
</3 t'h'a't [i][l][l] </3
</3 <><><><><> </3
</3 *N.e.V.e.R </3
</3 <><><><><> </3
</3 f*o*r*g*e*t and </3
</3 {y}{o}{u}{l}{l} </3
</3 ->>s-o-o-n<<- </3
</3 |r|e|g|r|e|t| </3
I don't want to like you anymore. I just can't. I
am obviously not good enough && I'm not gonna sit
around waiting until I am good enough for him. So
I'm just over him, but there's seriously something
about him that makes me like him so much. Since I
met him, there was something about him that makes
me go crazy over him. <33
Why'd you leave me???
Was it you didn't like me?
Was it to make you cooler?
Was it you wanted to make me jealous?
Was it you wanted to make me cry?

Well, I know you love me.
You're not any cooler.
You're sure making me jealous.
And you've made me cry.

You have your answers.............
What's next???
the hard thing is </3
to see him with her </3
and they're laughing </3
People ask me,
"Omg, how can you like him?"
But thats ok,
I don't want them to understand...
cause then they'd like him too!!
</3 iwishyouweremine... </3
</3 <3JuStOnCeMoRe<3 </3
</3 WE'RE GONNA BE---> </3
I told your boyfriend that he was gay...

he hit me with his sparkly, pink, purse.
i wish dreams were like wishes
and all those wishes came true
because in my *dreams
i'm always with