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it was nice while it last.
            i just miss how it use to be.


Quotes by XoeminemloveroX21

but in the end,he choose me.<3

You have to love something
Before you can hate it

No One Understands Why i
But if you had my life


all mine

you were someone i called my best friend.
we made a promise.
you will never lose me.
but it was broken.

when you said we couldn't be friends
all i did was cry for hours.
i miss you.
and all i can wish for is to talk to you one last time like we use too


And in some way i feel like its my fault
i miss you


Oh why do i love you so much

i thought you were worth fighting for
in the end im just getting hurt
im not gonna lose you right?
what happened to that promise?


Stop Acting like you UNDERSTAND
cause you have HIM
and i dont