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Heeey It's Angiie !(:

kay ,so im a little crazy sometimes ;
i laugh at things that mostly ARN'T funny[x
my friends &+ i have too many inside [jokes]
&+ i spend way to much time outta my day teexting.
ive made witty a 'must go on for at least 10 minutes a day thing(:' ha !
&+ i love my bestfriends more then anything in this world ,
[even though i may just walk up to you and be like 'wanna be my best friend(;']
-in which case i think you should say 'yes'-
&+ as you can probally tell i use smileys way to much :D .
 i cant look at or listen to JUSTIN BIEBER w|out smiling ;
he just makes earth THAT much better<3
i can be a ***** sometimes
&+ people occationally call me spoiled and yup ..i can see why ,
but im sorry ,your gonna have to love me for me
or you dont have to love me at all(:
k well i have to go now . yeeeup byees !<3


Quotes by XoxAnGeeexoX

     w  h  o  a.. 
you make me crazy.

      all mine<3
Your   who   I'm   [thinking  of,  girl  your  my runner  up
it   dont    matter    what    your   always   number     *one*
my    prized   posestion   one   and     only    adore   yah
girl  i  want  cha,  the  one  i  cant live with out  thats you,
thats  you,  your   my   precious  little  lady, the  one  that
makes me crazy of  all   the  girls I've .ever. known it's you
my favorite,  my favorite
my favorite girl<3

justin bieber
favorite girl<3
god,  does   it   feel   so  good  cause
i  got   him  [where]  i want  him now
and  if  you   could   then   you  know
you       would,            cause       god
it   just    feels    so    good.

missery business
it alhappened so fast.
at first we were f r i e n d s
we turned into ~best friends~
then it became like a [fairytale].
we got married and had a ,--great> family(:

The worst feeling.. 
is   not   knowing   s o m e o n e   the   way   you   thought   you   *saw*   them,
sitting   next   to   them   and   not  acually knowing )  who  they  are  a n y m o r e

                                          someone elses colors
   the   truth    is...
       s e e                  y o u r
    face greating me as soon
as i walked into school

Even the stupidest things he does
like brush agenst me,
M a k e s m y h e a r t t i n g l e
~[[ I love it  ]]~
Its these little things that make me
Smil e..

just because he said no, doesnt mean yu have to
  xgivex         xupx


i hate how..
i can't even walk by him without  smiling .
i can't talk with out 
 thinking  about him.
or live with out
 loving him.
ohh yeah, but did i mention..
how i HATE HIM?

 ~For All You Boys On WiiTTY!~
Just think,
you maybe one of the only boys on here,
but look how many girls are on here as well.
We all need a guys oppinion once and a while(: