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Quotes by Xoxoshannonxoxo

why me?
so manny girls like you.
so many girls want to talk to you.
so many girls want you.
so many girls like you.
so why are you talking to
it's sad how once
you were my everything.
now, you cant even look at me.
i don't get it?
You always talk about
how much you like me
that you missed me,
 but you never do anything about it..
I litterly hate guys;(

I miss our late night texting.
I miss our phone calls.
I miss our video chats.
I miss our inside jokes.
I miss our cute texts.
I miss the "I love you"s
I miss us.
I miss being with you.
I miss loving you.
I miss you...
I hope once in a while..
you think about me,  so I don't feel so pathetic for thinking about you all the time.
The   worst   feeling   is   being   hurt   by someone   who   you   thought   would never   hurt   you . . .
I still dont understand,

how you can stand next to someone you had so much history with and not say a thing to them..

I honestly hate you..
If you think im gonna stay with you after you being a total jerk to me..your wrong..bye
You are mine
  *a jerk