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Quotes by Xoxwendyx3

There's this app that tells you when your period is coming.
Effing genius.


you're gonna catch a cold

from the ice inside your soul.

Me: Ok,  I'm  going  to  get  some  homework  done.
Internet: LOL NOPE.

Cool Story,

Tell it again.
Tell it at parties...
You'll make friends :D

Are Yo Happy  Now

That she's on the ground.
And do you realize the words you say, make bruises that don't go away?


And all i think about

Is how to make you think of me 
and  every thing  we  should  be

Omg this actually works

1. Hold your breath.
2. Click add quote.
3. Copy and paste this quote
4. Suffocate.

You held your pride
like you should have held
me <3


The trouble with drama.
You like him
He thinks shes hot
She hates you. Shes snobby and mean.

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