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eh i like lots of music and of course ive got anger managment problems lol and im not as gushy as my quotes suggest. im just weird =) a depressed weirdo =( lol

Quotes by XthexforgottenX

Not enough glue in the world to put the tiny pieces of my heart back together </3
I didn't think I loved you. Do you want to know what convinced me that I was in love with you? When I found you flirting with my friend. Will you be mine? And only mine?

..Guess not </3
An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.
But each kiss you give, keeps my heart at bay. <3
Don't tell me the words,
that you are thinking
dont speak to me,
the thoughts you have.
I dont want to be hurt again,
as much as i had been hurt before.
My heart already is fragile
and i want to keep it intact
please dont break me,
ive been broken one too many times.

</3 (( [[Missing You] ))
I'm a non-participant, not a follower.
Boy: Hey
Girl: Hi..
Boy: Whats wrong?
Girl: Im jsut a fat ugly freak!!
Boy: Nahh your not fat!

lol <33
Livng life
is like dying
and over
I soemtimes think in the middle of the night, if she had a due-over, would she make the same choice? I guess I will always wonder, But I will never ask..

-The Good Boy (such a great movie)
"Whats do they sell at walmart? Walls?"

-Paris Hilton
Girl: Whats up homie?
Boy: Wow, your such a loser.
Girl: I love you too =)