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live your life for you, take risks,
learn to laugh at yourself. <3  
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Quotes by Xtoxxic_looveX

the children were comfy
all snug in their beds,
while nightmares of miley
danced in their heads,
the next morning the toilet was flushed,
the vomit swirled
as they said goodbye...
to the best of both worlds.


unsurprisingly, we fell in love.. not a shock to anybody because we couldnt help ourselves. we were instantly attracted. we wrapped our lives up together because we knew this was right. it doesn't take much to remind me of our reasons why. you walk towards me and i go falling again. i just cant help myself, or these butterflies. im so amazed that youre mine.  ♥
It's strange how you can completely forget a moment
in your life and then with one instant, one comment,
you remember it, as if you've lived it all over again.
"I've heard so many times, "you've got to take love slow."
That's just something said by unsure people who don't
know what it's like to fall,
when you fall with all
your heart.
Wanting to be together every second you're
apart. Must not know what it feels like to feel like this.
Longing for each moment, waiting for each kiss.

I could never love you enough."
is hollister supposed to look like
some sort of dark cave that smells
like cologne overload so that you
dont know the OVERPRICED SH_T
youre buying?

i always think of loving words,
i try to arrange them into such
a poetic way that my love for you
would never be questioned. yet
i cant find words that do you justice.
how can i explain the way you
make me feel, when even to me,
it is so magical and unbelievable.

i want to spend a day in bed,
draped in your kisses,
locking eyes,
with your laughter echoing,
life stories flowing,
arms, legs, bodies tangled,
love overflowing
happiness bubbling from every pore,
i want time. just us.
imagine a world in which every negative
word you spoke, was branded onto your
body, like a tattoo. every disgusting word
you said would be layed across your skin.

maybe those scars would
keep your words kind.
we have been together for three and a half years.
we have had many more ups than downs.
we have trust and loyalty for each other.
we have everything i could possibly want<3

sometimes, someone comes into your life that changes everything. he raises your standards, makes you laugh, and
makes you feel like you. he makes you feel beautiful.
there is something about him that you can't put into words.