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My name is Mariah I'm 16 c: & if I dont open up to you dont get affended because I have an issue with trusting people.......and I had a major problem with self-harm ): and used to have very bad suicidal problems,but Im glad thats over,well yeah if you wanna know anything else comment or something (:! 
My wifey is Kaela519 shes amazing and you should go follow her shes just so amazing and understanding! <333 I love you babe :D

Music: Daughtry,Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Pierce the Veil,Sleeping With Sirens,
3 Doors down,Secondhand Serenade,Red Jumpsuit Apparatus,Skillet,Boys Like Girls,Lifehouse,Evanescence,30 Seconds to Mars,Seether,Simple Plan,Nickelback,Linkin Park,Falling In Reverse,Flyleaf,Bullet for my Valentine,Blood on the dance floor,Hoobstank, etc.

"your sick of feeling numb, your not the only one ill take you by the hand and ill show you a world that you can understand this life is feeled with hurt when happiness doesnt work </3"

"a shot to kill the pain
a pill to drain the shame
a purge to stop the gain
a cut to break the vein
a smoke to ease the crave
a drink to win the game
an addiction's an addiction
because it always hurts the same"

im here to talk or help anyone anytime
i love to get to know new freinds :D

Stay Strong Beautiful Im here for you and I care about you <3

Below are a few pictures of me (:

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Do you ever just bust out crying over how much you hate yourself..
I can do this alone, but I shouldn't have too
People expect so much from girls now a days, They want a girl with:
-Long hair
-Nice legs
-Big a**
-Big Boobs
-Perfect face without makeup, no acne
-Flat stomach
-Tanned skin
-Nice smile
Like damn, this ain't no buildabitch.com
Weed makes this whole thing less stressful
I shouldn't have to do this  alone...
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Honestly, I need you more than I ever thought I would right now...
I'm having your f*cking baby and you wont even talk to me? You are seriously a piece of sh*t!! 
I'm not ready for a baby..
If you lay down and make a baby, stand up and be a dad 
Pregnancy scares me...