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When one door opens to another door closed,
I hopw you keep on walking 'til you find the window♥


Got  a  problem?

Taylor Swift has a song for that♥ 


"I'll tell you a little story called The Ugly Barnacle
Once there was a very ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everybody died. The End."

- Partrick Star★


"Remember Patrick, flatter the customer,

make him feel good." 

"I love you!"


Dont regret any decisions you made 

Because at that moment 
that was exactly what you wanted


Long Story but...

Part 2

Today in school there was a box in my locker...

Since we have been friends since we were 2
There was a picture of us in 2nd grade
on the box
Also writen on the box was "Best Friends Forever"
in Sharpie...
The thing is...
i have saved the same picture from the 
day it was taken...
But when i opened the box
Brownies were inside!
i went over to him
he was talking to his best guy friend
i hugged him 
i told him i have missed him
he said the same thing
Wow! i love him
i told my best friend (the one he likes) 
the whole story
she almost cried herself
because she knows how close 
we are..
She told me that he is the most
amazing guy in the world
as if i didn't already know

i didn't know how much i would miss him 'til i did ♥

I'll bet she's beautiful, that girl he talks about
And she's got everything that I have to live without❤

That awkward moment when  there is pee on the seat,
And you know who was in there before you..♥


Long Story but...

My best guy friend that i have known since i was 2
suddenly became attractive!
But the thing is.. He is inLOVE with my best friend

At a barmihtzha (idk how to spell that!) one night
i told him how i felt...
i really shouldn't have!!
The last few days of school have been the worst!
i haven't talked to him once and
whenever i look at him he looks away!
i really just want my friend back 
but i dont know what to do to get him back
i dont know how much longer i can live without him!
he was my best friend...
i told him everything!
we talked about any topic and it wouldn't be awkward!
i could lean on his shoulder during a time 
when i wanted to cry..
but now is the time i wanna cry the most
i dont wanna live without him forever
but i can't get him back...
i told him 2 days ago that i would stop having
a crush on him if he would just talk to me..
it didn't work...
i dont know if he hates me or if its all just in my head
but what hurts the most is knowing
he looks at your best friend the way
you wished he looked at you..
i know he wont read this but i just want the world
to know that inside i am crying but on the outside
i have a fake smile :|

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