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They say to get a New York Girl,

You got to have class... (Iyaz)

Umm, My boyfriend doesnt!! 



Lifes a Game

But its not fair! I break the rules and I don't care! So I keep doing my own thing! Walking taller...♥

I Hate the feeling,

He doesnt Like you back.

You're right, Plankton. I am a kid. But you know, I've been through a
lot in the last six days, five minutes and twenty-seven seconds, and in
that time, I've learned that no ammount of mermaid magic, or managerial
promotion, or some other third thing can make me any more than what I
really am inside: a kid. But that's okay! Because I did all the things they said
a kid couldn't do! I went to Shell City, and I beat the cyclops, and I rode the
Hasselhoff, and I brought the crown back! So, yes, I am a dork, and a goofball,
and a wingnut, and a Knucklehead McSpazatron! But most of all, I'm... I'm... I'm...


A Good Friend Will..♥
Bail you out of Jail
But a Best Friend will be sitting next to you say
"Hey! We screwed up! But we had Fun!! :D"


The Usual Convo with my Mom

Mom: Hey! How was School!?
Me: Good...
Mom: What did you do?
Me: Nothin... ;)

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The Key to your Happiness

Should be in your Hands! You Hold the Key to your Future!


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Does anyone else remember,
All grown up, I really wanna shout it out! All grown up with youuu!!! 

When boys get jelous

it's Cute, but when Girls get jelous.......

World War 3 is 
to start.



Lets a Go!
In a Luigi accent!