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"Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars." ♥
hey it's emily :)
I've got the bestest friends in the world, & my boyfriend in amazing! I could not live with out my family, they are my life! Right now, i'm obsessed with lil wayne♥ Any questions? Ask me on formspring! :D
was supposed to go to the beach today.. guess not. heritage days this weekend! :D

i'm at war - sean kingston ^


Quotes by XxEmily23xX

I want a relationship

I want him to love me for who I am, not what I have. I don't want him to bug me about going farther or pressure me into anything that makes me feel uncomfortable. I want to take it easy and have fun. I want him to laugh at my jokes, to trust me with anything, to make me feel beautiful. To call me gorgeous and beautiful instead of hot or sexy. I just want him to say 'I love you' if he actually means it.


That moment when;
You know he doesn't care anymore and you can literally feel your heart fall apart in your hands, but all you can do is cry.. </3

my quote. not my format.

So, pretty sure
Big top cupcakes
is the main reason kids are obese
these days.


 I want a house elf like dobby.

not for him to be my servant,
but for him to [l i s t e n]

to my problems &
be there for me
when.no one else.is.


not my format. quote is mine thoughh<3

today in geometry
our crazy teacher was saying
"if line ML is perpendicular to line FI, then it becomes two equal 90 degree angles. angle IML and angle
FML. i started laughing and then the whole class started cracking up. when he turned around to look at us, his face was priceless.

true story.
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&+ I love him more than anything in the whole entire world. He takes my breath away & I would n.e.v.e.r change anything about him. Sure, we all have our flaws, but that's what makes us *unique*. He is my prince charming. I can't even imagine myself with someone else. I love the way he makes me feel like a princess. He's got that fun, playful side and that cute, [romantic] side; the perfect combo. I love how he is so gentle when he is around me. The way he lifts up my chin ever so lightly, just to kiss me. The way he holds me so I feel safe. I feel so blessed to have him in my life. He is my best friend & he understands me so well. I love my him with all *my heart*

Am I the *only* one;
.::who is [texting] someone & feels like a god when::.
 you guess what they are gonna say next?

Jock, & you'll regret :)
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Am I the *only* one;
--> who feels like they're watching p.o.r.n. <--
when viewing a Lady Gaga video?

Jock, & you'll regret :)
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Once he says his
[last goodbye]
you'll be in your room
& do nothing but,
-->  cry <


My poem.
No jocking!
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