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cat lover,videogames,anime,food,energy drinks and music are simples things that make me happy.
depression and ancitxty
i dont judge need to talk im here always follow back

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you know whats better

then valentines day

the day after

all the chocolate goes

on sale
i missed you witty c':
~when he ask

if he can

kiss you<3~

one more week till my birthday!<3

tech n9ne,
hollywood undead,
black vail brides,

family-''you're so pretty i bet all the guys are after you!''
guys in school-''someone poke it with a stick,see if it bites.''
story of my life....;-;


When you crush tells you they like you<3
k so um ya went to town with ym friend to watch breaking dawn part two but we didnt we walked around town with a couple of people then the guy i like(was posed to go to the movies to) saw us jumped out of a car and kept hugging me then was determined to get my number so he can txt me with his friends phone even if he was getting draged in the car then he called and said go to the theater me and my friend did so i kept on asking him what he wanted to tell me but he got all neverous it was cute(you know how when a guy asks a girl if they like them when they do and they just kind of freak out ya thats what it reminded me of ) i sat down he came back inside and kept hugging me from behind he wanted me to come with him but his brother wasnt the nicest so i didnt go he was sad about that yes i regtrate not going

yes he already knows i like him:3 so ya thats my night also getting kicked out of mall and getting colored eye contacts
cant change size or color of letters......anyone else cant do this or just me?