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Heey guys :) My name is Hannah.
I'm 14 years young <3
I blow out the candles on June 20th
I happen to have the most amazing friends in the world! They're always there for me when I need them.
Their names are Gabby, Bella, Katie, and Casey
I've been playing softball for 9 years and I love it :)
I love singing like it's my passion it's what I love doing and what I want to do for the rest of my life. There's just one little problem... I have the worst stage fright ever... I get in front of people and I freeze and I forget everything... I know,it sucks.
My favorite band in the whole wide world is one direction.. don't hate!
I'm not one of those stupid girls that only knows one song.
And I'm not one of those girls that is mean about it, I just like their music..
I'm a freshman in high school :) woot woot!
And not to totally bore u... but I like this guy.
I know you've definetly heard that before...
We dated and he broke up with me... but thats in the past.. and I like to live by the motto:
Live Life With No Regrets <3
Oh and I love writing poetry.. and I'm really shy except when I'm around my besties :)
That pretty much sums up mee oh... and purple i loooove the color purple :) okaaay byee :)

Quotes by XxHannieBananiexX

Things that annoy me #2

When the teacher forgets to erase a little mark on the board.

"You guys made me ink" 


Plot Twist: She actually does go here.

mean girls)
You're the reason I can't trust anymore. </3
This happened at lunch a few days ago...

So hannah, I heard he asked you to homecoming...
Me: Ya and?
Molly: No offense but, why would a senior want to ask you?
Her boyfriend: Molly that was really rude... you should apoligize
Molly: Shut up! (storms off angrily)

Life = Made

Raisin  cookies  that  look  like  
 chocolate chip cookies are the main reason

why  I  have  trust  issues



format credit to OneDirection

Getting  A  text  in  the  morning  and  reading  it with  one  eye  open.



If a blocked # calls you,

Answer like this:
Hey, this is Joe's w/ore house, you got the dough, we got the /hoe, How may I help u...
You'll be amazed at what kind of reaction you get :D 

That Should Be
Me Holding Your Hand.

That Should Be Me Making You Laugh.
This Is So Wrong I Can't Go On Until You Believe That Should Be Me. </3

If you love two people at the same time, 

  Choose the second one... 
Because if you really love
d the first one,

  You wouldn't have fallen for the second...      

                               - Johnny Depp