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Sticks and stones may break my bones
But words can put a razor to my wrist
Perks of Being Nobody
Part 3
Me: "You look amazing, certainly not the twelve year old I remember!"
Parker:" I could say the same for you, I bet the guys here are all over you."
Me: "Your joking right?"
Parker: "Why would I be?Look i have to run but I'll see you at lunch?"
Me: "Of course!"
The rest of that morning was a blur. All I could think of was Parker and his gorgeous smile. Wait, what am I thinking! I don't like him like that. Do I?

Lunch rolled around and me and Parker walked into the cafeteria together. I saw Kelsie waving us over. We went to sit with her, Kaitlyn and Allie.
Allie: "who's that hottie?"
Kelsie gave her a look that made her shut it.
Kelsie: "Sorry about her, I'm Kelsie, that was Allie and this (points to a girl across the table) is Kaitlyn."
Parker: Hey Kelsie, Kaitlyn, Allie"
Me: "Come on let's get food."
We got our food and came back to sit with everyone. By that time Jesse, Allie's boyfriend, had joined us. Me and Parker didn't have any other classes together so we agreed to meet after school. I had biology with Kaitlyn next so we sat together.
Kaitlyn: "So is Parker like yours?"
Me " Go ahead, we're just fried"
Kaitlyn: "Are you sure"
Me: "Completely"
Parker was already standing by my locker when I got there.
Parker:"So It's a Friday night and I have no plans. Care to change that?"
Me: "Hmm I'll have to think about that one"
Parker:" come on"
Me:" of course sill"
Parker"*laughing* so how about dinner tonight at Creoles?"
Me:"sounds good"
We exchanged numbers and left. I had a weird feeling.
this wasn't a date. Was it? No it couldn't be. I was Kidding myself, h would never like me like that. He could do way better.

Perks Of being Nobody
Part 2
I'm sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast when my Father walks in. "Hey dad." "Hey Eevs", he says groggily. I'm pretty close with my Dad. which is more than I can say for the rest of my family. I'm already showered and dressed in dark skinny jeans and a purple top. I walk into my bathroom and brush my medium-light brown hair. I leave it wavy, so it dangles just past my shoulders. I put on a minimal amount of makeup and walk into my bedroom. I look at my phone and see I have a new message. It's from Renee
Hey Evie!
call me after school.
Renee's my best friend. Unfortunately we're not in school together since she lives across town,
I grab my bag and a hoodie and walk upstairs.
"by Dad!" I yell and grab my keys. I walk to my car and drive to school. I'm standing by my locker when someone taps me on the shoulder. I turn to see the most gorgeous face.
His eyes are the most beautiful green and i can't help but to stare into them. There's something familiar about them.
"What oh yeah hi"
"Anything else to add?"
that's when it hit me. He's my best friend. Well was anyway.
"Oh my god!! it it's you!"
"I take it you remeber me"
"of course."
With that he picked me up into a huge bear hug. He(Parker) was my best friend when we were younger, until his mom died when he was in 6th grade and him and his dad and sister moved to be with his father's family.
Perks of Being Nobody
Part One
 I'm that girl.You know the one who you've been in class with since grade school yet you barely know her name? Yeah well that's me. Oh but I'm formally known as Evalyn-Rose Peters. Most call me Evie/Eva. I'm the girl who sits in the back of the room and doesn't raise her hand much. I'm the girl who dresses normally in Jeans and T-shirts, as not to be noticed. I'm the Girl who very few really know-and no one really wishes they did.I don't mind it that way. I mean it's better then being the girls who get made fun of. Right? Aleast this way no one mocks me. They don't even bother with me.
*Just an insight into your head*

Should I continue?
People think they're not strong
because they break down
and need a shoulder sometimes
I think those people are the strongest
the ones who aren't afraid to ask for help
do you have acne?
overweight maybe?
or underweight?
are your legs to short?
or your hair "ugly"?

or maybe you feel invisible
None of that matters...as long as you wear a smile and hold your head high
You are beautiful insinde and out
in each and every way

                                            Hearts are only broken
                              so love can find its way back in

    And maybe I can't change the past...
but I can sure as hell make a new future

I'm Not going to say I never wish I was someone else
Someone perfect
you know the type
with burnt strait hair
and boobs falling out of their top
With Perfect bodies
and shorts up their butt
you know?
the type who get all the guys
then I remember...
I'd rather find omeone who accepts me for being
and brunette
smart and kind of dorky
For simply being

Sorry im lazy on editing :(