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You Think No One Cares, Right?
Don't Take Your Life, It Gets Better.
R.I.P Taylor 1-6-12
i miss you..♥

Will someone PLEASE tell me why everyone is so caught up on boys? I understand you love them, but dont let them ruin your happiness♥
...You have your whole life ahead of you...


I Need A Witty
Any Takers?
Over 13, That i can oovoo, & gives good advice♥

Tell my mother and father I've done the best i can to make them realize this is my life, i hope they understand i'm not angry, i'm just saying goodbye is a secomd chance.♥

I Love Jenn♥


Just one notification.
That Alone Makes My Day. <3



You Wanna Tussle?


Just because we dont talk doesnt mean i dont think about you.
Im just trying to keep my distance, because i know i can't have you.♥