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Ahhhh, the names leah<3.

I'm differnt than most.

And i enjoy making qoutesss(:

Make amazing qoutes.
About everything.

Rate highs.
celeb crapp.
Twilight crap.
Or anything thing elsee than bugs people.

Lets turn witty around(:
And make it just qoutes.
if you want it to be that way stop ranting and do it.
More people doing it will gratify change.
^^ Put this in your profile, if you wanna be different.

XxLeahxX's Favorite Quotes

What a shame we all became such fragile, broken things.
A memory remains

j u s t   a   t i n y   s p a r k .
--->Let The Flames Begin;

I'm too drunk on heartache to be driving this body of mine.

------>> Someone
                  is going to walk into your life
&make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else.
This quote does not exist.
This quote does not exist.
I love you
but you love her
and she loves him
and he loves me

this is a messd up square
People can live one hundred years without really living a minute
We can learn a lot from crayons;
 some are bright                           
   some are dull
        some are pointy
      some are smooth   
                     some are short   
                          some are tall   
                               some are broken                
                                     some are straight         

but they all learn to live in the same box.

there are only 3 things in life a girl needs:
love to make her weak
alcohol to make her strong
best friends when both make her hit the floor
Don't hate me because i'm beautiful,
Hate me because your boyfriend thinks I am.