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Quotes by XxLilixX

God created nature,                           
                                    Nature is beautiful.

God created you, 
                                    Therefore,  You are beautiful. 


Normal Couple:   You  hang up
                              No, you hang up first

Katniss and Peeta:   You kill me
                                    No, you kill me first


If a friend fell in a hole, I'd call someone to help her..
If my best friend fell in a hole, I'd give her a mega fridge, laptop and iPod.. ;)
Teacher: Why are you at school so early?
Student: My mum told me to go to hell...

Credit to Twitter..

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

^This sentence contains all the letters of the alphabet...
Haters gonna hate, Potatoes gonna potate, Tomatoes gonna tomate, and dogs just gonna bark.
Someone: Blah Blah Blah Blah......
Me: *yawns*
Someone: *stops* You don't seem interested in what I'm saying...:L
Me: No no...it's just that I yawn when I'm interested...
Someone: Oh...Okaii =DD
*keeps on talking*
Me: -________-
I want to leave this Earth believing that there was a reason for all this pain and all those problems...

I want to leave this Earth believing that I actually had a reason to live...
The awkward moment..
When your mum holds your hand in the street and you just have to think of any excuse to let go...