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Stand up and be a grown woman
or sit down and take notes.
I have no tolerance for bullying.

This isnt a dating site. Dont even think about hitting on me. 

Quotes by XxLoveForeverLostxX

I'm sorry if I come off crude, inappropriate, and opinionated.
Its only because

I'm crude, inappropriate, and opinionated.
My language is vulgar
but only because your face is
I looked away && when I looked back;;
The moment was gone, but so were you
Treat me like an animal, and I will do the same.
Bite and scratch, youll make me scream, 
But only half from pain
It's always easier to talk to strangers.
People I know judge me from my 
past and mistakes.
Strangers see me for who I am at that exact moment; 
they can't judge me.
I'm the person I am now, not then.

People I know don't know the difference.
I wear the pants in the relationship,
But thats only because 

My boyfriend prefers to be naked ;]
Behind every mask, lies a man, who can't live in his own skin.
He lives by the flask, he bathes in his past, and he dies by his own sins.
And you'll think love is to pray
But I'm sorry

I don't pray that way
If you asked me if I love you
I'd choke on my reply
I'd rather hurt you honestly

Than mislead you with a lie

When the past calls

let it go to voicemail, it has nothing new to say.