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Hii, i'm Sierra, Welcome to my page,I made it!:D You like? I do! I'm 14, going on 15 on the 28 of July! Anywayss, I live in Canada, Im a secert wizard! The sorting hat said i'm a Gryffindor, but I could also go in Ravenclaw.. :] I love summer, and winter... I'm good ish at school, I got one A (Art) One C+ (French) and all B's. I go to a french english school, im a frenchey!:D I'm tall'ish, I have brown Tick hair, grey/blue eyes and pale skin.. I love harry potter, its my LIFE! No joke! I have my wand, robe, school book, movies,books, and my letter... I love to read! Well, my computer is getting slow, soo I gotta go! Follow fave and byee!:3 


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The Amazing moment...
When your crush says your name..



The Amazing moment...
When you make your crush laugh...



Does anyone else remeber the show;
Dave the Barbarian?

My very Awkward moment;

Teacher:-Puts a picture of me up on the big screen from last year- (It was a demonstration for a art thingy) 
Guy Next to me: Who is that!?
Me: -__- 
Cute boy in my class: That's Sierra!
Guy Next to me: Thats you?! Ohhh...
Everyone else: Laughing 






Let's play the "Who the hell are you?" game   :

Name: Sierra
Age: 14.
Height: 5-5''4 idk
Relationship status: single pringle.
Birthday: July 28th
Favorite color: Rainbow!Favorite bands: Cold play, nevershoutnever, Marianas.trench,One Direction ,Pink, MCR. etc
Favorite movie: HArry Potter
Last movie watched: Harry Potter
Favorite book: Harry potter series and Everlost
Last book read: HArry Potter
# of siblings:4 (Little Bro, Little sis, and big sis.)
# of pets: 1 Kiwi! My kitty
Best school subject: Art, english, math, lunch!
Mac or PC? Mac: Mac.
Cell phone type:Andriod HTC raider
Current shirt color: Grey and red HArry Potter shirt
Gamer? not really. haha.
Day or night? Both.
Summer or winter? Both.
Most-visited website?  Witty, Tumblr, & youtube,
Celebrity crushes: Gerard Way, Gale and Peete from the Hunger Games, ect.

Ilove HARRY 

Styles <..... //Potter//
Format by RunawayRachel - I follow back ^_^

can you name 13 boys off the top of your head? 

1. Mason
2. Austen
3. Quinn l
4. Quinn M
5. Isaac
8. Alex
9. Ziko
10. Lukas
11. Jack
12. Colton

How did you and #12 meet?
 Uhhh, I think when I was 3 and he was hanging out with my sis, and he gave me a sour water melon candy

Have you ever seen #4 cry?
 Idk, maybe

Would #11 and #2 make a good couple?

Are you really good friends with #13?
Uhhh No!

Do you think #5 is cute?


Something about #1...?
I love him! But he doesn't know:D

What's #7's favorite color?
Purple I think

What would you do if #6 confessed that they liked you?
Idk, I dont think of him that way, HE is my Sereus Snape, and I am his Lily Evans! Jk But yaa just friendss

Fact about #8?
He is Amazingly awesome! Go Rainbow head!

Would you ever live with #9?


What's the worst thing about #10?
Idk, nothing really... mBut he did this thing called "boobie kunfu!'' Real silly

Who's going out with number 13?
xD no one!

What do you think about #3?
HE reminds he of the WEasleys, (HE has VERY ginger hair)

Who is your favorite guy on the list?