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Hii, i'm Sierra, Welcome to my page,I made it!:D You like? I do! I'm 14, going on 15 on the 28 of July! Anywayss, I live in Canada, Im a secert wizard! The sorting hat said i'm a Gryffindor, but I could also go in Ravenclaw.. :] I love summer, and winter... I'm good ish at school, I got one A (Art) One C+ (French) and all B's. I go to a french english school, im a frenchey!:D I'm tall'ish, I have brown Tick hair, grey/blue eyes and pale skin.. I love harry potter, its my LIFE! No joke! I have my wand, robe, school book, movies,books, and my letter... I love to read! Well, my computer is getting slow, soo I gotta go! Follow fave and byee!:3 


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