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"Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me."
But the funny thing is... Life goes on(:

Quotes by XxSamsGirlxX

It was enchanted to meet you
but it wasn't supposed to be



I vow...
I vow to help you love life, to always hold you with tenderness and to have the patience that love demands, to speak when words are needed and to share the silence when they are not and to live within the warmth of your heart and always call it home.


& am i  the only one who has a love
hate relationship with the song
Terrible Things by Mayday Parade?

I'm tired of the same old boyfriends I've had before. I always had a perfect idea of what he would be like and when he didn't live up to my expectations I would just embrace them and deal with it, without even seeing who they truly were. I deserve better then that. And I found my better half now. I know he's not perfect, but he's perfectly perfect for me. I see his faults and he sees mine, but he actually likes it. And I like his faults. It makes him, him, which is perfect for me. He's different, in a good way. He teases and picks on me like my big brother would, yet he knows when he goes to far and starts to comfort me. Just holding me in one of those big bear hugs. He even lets me fall asleep on him and I actually end up falling asleep on him because I'm comfortable with him. He lets me be my true self around him because he is always his true self and he isn't ashamed. So he makes sure I'm not ashamed either. He strangely completes me perfectly. He even is different looks wise then the rest. He isn't chubby, or have dark looks. Not weak, yet claims to be something he's not. He's blonde, blue eyed, and strong. He owns up to it too. He even perfectly fits my height size. I'm short, he's tall. It's perfect. He is honestly the only boyfriend that I have ever had that hasn't lied to me. Go figure I had to go through three jerks to find that quality. I love our relationship we have. It's nothing like I have had before, but that's what makes it perfect to me. I simply love him. He is Zakary David LaBeef and I am Bobbi Sullivan. I'm his. He's mine. Always and forever. <333

he bent down on his knee first
and he said..
i want you forever
forever and always
through the good and the bad and the ugly
we'll grow old together forever and always


Today was our one month... 
Everything just felt so perfect(:

that moment when your life is going good, your happy, doing everything you want, feeling unstoppable, but once you are alone you start thinking about him...

My friends were talking about how they sometimes write letters to people they are mad at or hate telling them off then end up burning to letter... I just stand there and think "That's what my witty is for."


& thoughts wonder my mind


I just want to find a guy whose serious about our relationship for once...