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Kori here (: 
A ugly personality ruins a pretty face.. 
Uhm not the best at writing quotes. 
But yeah, I listen to music. Music is my life c:

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Don't expect me to show you when im jealous. 
Don't expect me to show you when im upset.
Don't expect me to show you when im happy. 
Don'y expect me to show you any emoition unless you make it obvious you care. 
Im tired of getting hurt. 

 And today Ifinally realized that I will never be one of those popular girls any where. I'll never be the prettiest, funnest, skinnest. I'll never be the girl to turn heads. But the one thing I will do best is be myself and just not care anymore.<3

my quote  (:



I just got a call from a guy singing "what makes you beautiful, by one direction" <3

Head phones in, World out. <3

I wish he would put me in his lap&hold me&whisper in my ear "Babygirl, you'll never lose me to her." But who am I kidding? Those things pnly happen in movies. 


So im not gonna say everyone's beautiful because some people just aren't. Their personality ruins it. Yes some people happen to be flawless on the outside but that's nothing. The inside is what mattters. I just wish some guys&&girls would realize that. 




An Ugly Personality ruins a Beautiful Face.




Okay so me&my boyfriend fight constantly&I always get hurt&end up crying. All my friends hate him&hate what he does to me, but the thing is im despreatly in love with him. He can be the most sweetest guy in the world sometimes, they just don't see it. I just don't know anymore. Im scared that if I leave him everyone but me will be happy..




I  just want to be one of those girls who wake
up to a bunch of notifications on facebook&witty. I wish I was popular on witty&facebook.



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