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Quotes by XxTroubledxX

Its too late for you and your white horse...

<White Horses - Taylor Swift>

Romeo take me somewhere we could be alone

I know you,,,
I walked with you once upon a  d r e a
m ©

-Sleeping Beauty < Once Upon A Dream >

You are my thoughts and words .

He has my heart,
right in his pocket,
its abondoned,
forgotten... but it is there!

What if i gave till i had nothing left? what do i do next?

i do love him, i really do
i love him till im done, till im gone...

You are my thoughts & words .
You are my thoughts and words .
You just punched your way through my heart, ripping all the edges on the way, leaving it with a deep dark hole which is painfully tearing me  a p a r t . . .