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Hi there you lovely person. My names Kaela. I’m 15, and going to be a sophomore. To anyone afraid or worried about school, don’t worry, just be carefree J I’ll be adding onto this later but for now you stay classy Witty. Twitter: @Perrrr_feeect  Tumblr: let-us-be-extraordinary


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There's a guy who works at my movie theatre and the past 3 days ive gone to the movies we flirt each time and i kinda wanna get his number but im to scared o.o
Wittyprofiles followed me on Twitter and I fangirled. 

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like one direction.

Stranger: directioner?

You: Yeeeeees.

Stranger: yayyy!!! fave member

You: Niall. How many r's are there?

Stranger: where?

You: How many r's are there?

You: Any directioner should know this...

You: Oh god youre a carrot.


Stranger has disconnected.

Well that escalated quickly.
You were supposed… to be watching the door… ASHLEY KATCHADOURIAN! Do you know what these are, Ashley Katchadourian? These are a little girl’s arms! A little girl with dreams, with legs, with a head… She’s a pencil, she’s a swizzle stick, you can use her as a pool noodle, and now I’m holding up her arms! Arms! I’m holding them because you weren’t watching the door! A girl lost her arms, Ashley Katchadourian, a girl lost her F/CKING ARMS! Do you not know what has transpired while you were in Pearl Harbor, seeing the f/cking Japanese museum?! We had our own Pearl Harbor here today—oh my god! How could you do this to us?! You literally BOMBED us, like the Japanese you are! And me, I’m Ben Affleck, and I’m Ben Affleck and I’m holding two f/cking girl’s arms! And you’re Cuba Gooding Jr. disappointing everybody! LIVE WITH THAT!
 “We chat online for, like, two hours every day so, I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious.”
Plot twist: Dan IS on fire.
Parents: You can be whatever you want.
Parents: Except that, or that, oh God not that. Why don't you become a doctor, or at least marry one? 

"If you like it then you should've put a ring on it"
 *Throws ring on my food*
I just really love food.
I don't think many people know some of the symbolism and deeper meanings in the Harry Potter series. 
"I should really loose some weight." I say as I eat another spoonful of Nutella.