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Hello theree(:
My name's Mackenzie, but people call me Kenzie
I love photography more than anything in the world.
Witty is my life.
Justing Bieber is my hero and role model
Fake people make me mad.
Single; but my heart is taken by one guy who will never know how much I love him even though he destroyed my heart.
You're all beautiful in your own way. God made us the wa he did to prove we all have some sort of natural beauty, if you want to admit it or not.
So, keep your chin up gorgeous.<3

Quotes by XxXEmo_GirlXxX

Witty Sisters,
I need all of your guy's help!
I'm a lesbian, and I haven't came out of the closet yet,
but I need to, I need support..

Have you ever thought:
Maybe he broke up with you simply because he loved you so much, it hurt him to see you unhappy,
Did you ever think it didn't work out because he thought he wasn't good enough,
Did you ever stop to think it didn't work out because he was the problem, not you?
Stop and think of all the possible reasons before you jump to conclusions..<3

Hey guys, I think all of you should;

Go read Peanut43998's stories!

They're amazing!(:


Every goodbye

Sets you that much closer to the next hello<3

Sure, there are a lot of fish in the sea
But, some of them are sharks</3

We have to carry around flour sack babies;

for our Theology class project.

me being the motherly person I am, took mine on a walk with my best friend. The look on this guys


face was priceless when my babies PAPER face FELL off(;



“I guess what scares me is knowing that at any moment

you could rip my heart out and step on it…

and I would just pick it up

and hand it right back to you.”

&&There's ALWAYS///W.i.l.d/// side to every [(Innocent)] face(;


She learned to say things with her eyes
That others waste time putting into words<3

No more lies, no more cries.
Just thought I'd let you know, you caught my eye<3