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Quotes by Xx_JustShutUpAndSmile_xX

Every 6 0 seconds you spend upset ,
is a minute of happiness you'll never get back. ♥// 
"Nobody can go back and start a
new beginning,
but anyone can
start today and
make a new

"Life Is Full Of Beauty.
Notice  it.  Notice  the  bumblebee,  the small child,
and   the  smiling   faces.  Smell the rain  and  feel
(the wind) .
Live  your  life to  the fulles potential,
and fight for your dreams."

"To  love 
is  to  risk  not  being  loved  in  return.
To  hope  is to risk pain.
To   try is  to risk  failure.
But   risk  must  be taken
because   the  greatest
hazard     in     life    is . . .

t r i s n o t h i n g."


  Back    then   I    s w o r e

  I    was    gonna   marry
  him    someday ,    but    I
  realized     some     bigger
  dreams      o  f       mine.
  Abigail     gave  everything
  she   had   to   a   boy . . . 
  who changed his mind. 
  And     we     both    cried

If  kisses  were  water ,  I'd give you a sea..
If  hugs  were leaves, I'd give you a tree.
If  life was a planet, I'd give you a galaxy.
If  friendship  was  life ,  I'd give you mine.

   know   that   feeling   you   get   when   you  walk   into   a   warm ,   cozy   room   from   a   freezing  ,  winter   night? 
Yeah, that's how I feel when I'm with you. 

Today, my little sister comes up to me and says:
"I  had  to  sit  next  to  a  boy  on  the bus today because  
there  were no  more  seats  left.  It  made  me  angry  so  
I cried.  My friends didn't save me a seat so I cried again.  
It  was  a  horrible  day."  Then she silently walks away. I  
laugh  quietly  to myself. I think, "Wait till you grow up, a  
boy   breaks  your heart, all of your friends abandon you,  
and  everyday  is a horrible day. Then when you cry, you  

  won't   ever   be   abl  to   stop. "