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my name is angie. i love music,,ridding dritbikes and fourwhelers.my fav bands are Mac Miller,BLINK 182,The Cure,New found gloryhey monday, and a lot more.I love One Tree Hill and the Phllies.

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 i want a relationship like
                Lucas and Peyton
                                  from One Tree Hill.
i think witty need a broken heart category not just a break up one  because you dont just have to have gone through a break up just to be broken hearted there are many other reasons to have one... who wels thinks so?
i need help so back in November i met this guy and we hit it off we never dated bc he got a gf then but we became best friends then i started to like him but then i met this other guy and he told me he always liked me and then i started to like him and now were dating and i really like him but the other guy my best friend now likes me and we sit together on the way home and he puts his arm around me and always kisses me on the check goodbye... and today he told me he liked me and wants to give me a real kiss tomrrowo and i dont know what to do....... please help. 

silence only makes them stronger.

why are relationships so hard?
                             because the only thing harder is being alone.


i need advice so witty girls can you please help me.? there is this guy i  really like but hes two years older then me and we talk a little bit on facebook but i feel like i annoy him. how do i get him to notice me more. please help

He sees everything black and  white, never let nobody see him cry, i don't let nobody see me wishing he was mine<3

i need help right away! this guy i kinda like just said that he would ask me out but that will never happen and i dont know what to say please help
you always seem to break my heart
so why do i kept letting you come back
if i no your just gonna do it again.
          i love how you say you love me one night, break up with me the next, then at school act like we never broke up.