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hey im kelsey so nethin else u wanna no im me

Quotes by XxbsktballplayaxX

pain doesn't go away...you just get used to living with it

im--->> fhnbsktballchk11 or ducks go moo 15
napolion- just follow your heart pedro...thats wut i do

wut u drawing
napolion- a liger
wuts a liger
napolion- its pretty much my favorite animal...its a mix between a tiger and a lion

napolion dynomite
lol wut a good movie
now remember VOTE 4 PEDRO

XO im fhnbsktballchk11
never play leap frog over a unicorn

lol i think thats soo funni my friend at skool told me that one lol

im --->>> fhnbsktballchk11
i had a party last night u didnt come but ur boyfirend did...twice!!! lol
boy i just wanna make u see
that ur the one for me
y dont u understand
i just wanna hold ur hand
i want u to hold me tight
all through the night
boy just wanna make u see
that ur the *only* one for me


looks cute if u make the stars n only a dif color then the other words

take but dont abuse it give me sum credit
--------you wanna no--------
more more more
about me im the
gurl thats sweeping
that i do is
[enough] [4]

i had no idea where to put this one srry im me for mmore fhnbsktballchk11
Everything i learned in basketball i learned from women-coach carter
2 s.c.o.r.e u got2 sHoOt
2 b [[good]] u got2 *practice*
but 2 b/e/a/t me...wait u cant!!!