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hey im kelsey so nethin else u wanna no im me

Quotes by XxbsktballplayaxX

You stink so bad you made Right Guard turn left, Speed Stick slow down, Secret obvious, and Sure confused.

~*If A gUy TeLlZ u 2 SuCk It TuRn ArOuNd AnD sMiLe, AnD tHeN tElL hIm It Is DaNgErOuS 2 pUt SmAlL oBjEcTs In Yo MoUtH!!*

We had gay burglars the other night. They broke in and rearranged the furniture.

..JeALoUsY iS a TeRrIbLe DiSeAsE...
...GeT WeLL sOoN B*TcH...

when i have a kid ima put him in on of those strollers for twins then run round the mall frantic

if i were god i'd make the world square!

hope u like um use em dont abuse em
im me for more: fhnbsktballchk11
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oO mAkiN jAwZ dRop sInCe september 26th , 1991Oo

put ur own birthday in there
hope it worked

*Summer Break*
where u drink [triple]
see [double] and act [single]
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