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I'm just your average anti-social teenager xD

Head high
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I love you 
-Georgia<3 xox

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Quotes by Georgia*

This time last year, 

Everyone was fussing over the

world endiing.

Dont say you miss me when it's your fault I'm gone.

Any last advice?
                                            Stay Alive.
That awkward moment

When a 12 year old is more attractive than you.
I'm actually nearly positive they put 69 on price tags on purpose.
It was good while it lasted.

If ye think about it, life is just a game we all play, trying to avoid death, every accident you survive means you're winning, but in the end we always lose.
If you think about it,

Buses are actually,
really long cars..filled with strangers.
I gave up texting you first,
I gave up acting as if you didn't hurt me,
I gave  up replying to you as if I didn't care.
But you know what the biggest thing is?

I gave up on you.


Don't touch me,I'm famous.

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