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Quotes by XxheartsXxGiNa

last night I had a dream &&
you were in it,you told me
that you loved me and you
wanted to be with me forever.

I wish dreams came true </3
I am seriously in love.
but I cant really explain it excpet saying that
I think about you all the time
when it says your calling I smile
when you sign on I smile
I get butterflies when I know im going to see you
and when we're together I am the happiest.
from this moement life has begun from this moement you are the one,
right beside you is where I belong I gave my hand to you with all my heart
I cant wait to live my life with you, you and I will never be aprat, my dreams came true.
I'm yours &&your mine
Outside I see the rain is falling,
inside im slowy dieing
but the rain will hide my pain
and the traffic is so noisy, that you can't hear my crying
my body never knew such pleasure and my heart never new such pain
and you, you leave me so confused. Now im all cried out, over you.</3