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♥I've gotta say what's on my mind..

hii, i'm Laura...
He dosen't know I exist...
I like; the beach, sun, dance, love, flip flops, friends, bikinis, phone, ipad, pool, sweats, abercrombie,
LIAM PAYNE♥, Niall Horan, laughter, smiles, malls, music& moree, Country Music :)
I loveee meeting new people(:
if you wanna know anything else, comment(:

If you're going through hell, 
keep on going,
Don't slow down,
if you're scared don't show it
cause you might get out before the Devil even knows you're there :)


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To my so-called  best friend:
I'm sick and tired of being there for you all the time,
      when you're never there for me.         ♥
I'm sick of being the one left out of the group 
       when I did nothing wrong.                 
I'm sick of always being     your second choice..
I'm sick of being used all the time. ////////////////////////
You're always the first person on my friend's
               list, But I'm never first on yours?                ♥
You  are the first person that comes to  my mind
when the teacher says,              "Find a partner,"
but I wonder if   you   feel the same?
I've known you since kindergarten,       and I don't
know why I'm still fighting for you.                  ♥
Should I just let you go...?
When you and your other friends have a little fight,
I always help you.                                            ♥
But you know what?           I've had enough.
Next time you need help, I won't be there for you. I'm sick of being a
nice person all the time, when I never get treated the same way
One day, you're going to really need my help.
But do you think I'll be there for you?         .....

I wont.

To Grace, Madison & Hope(sometimes except for the Kindergraten part?

Basically, on December 21st, I think I'm telling everyone what I really think of them. I'm going to start out "So, just in case we die today, I want you to know..." and continue. If we don't die, GREAT! They know the truth. If we do die, they know the truth.





                                t h e   w a y   y o u                                           [x[x[x]

          sAimnamE .

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I want you forever, forever and always, through the good and the bad and the ugly. We'll grow old together, forever and always.


We are all just drowning in our own pools of sadness
This quote does not exist.

The Divorce Rate 
Amongst my socks is astonishing.

-tunblr. nmf.

I hate being around people who can't qoute Mean Girls.
I walked into fourth period, the only class he and I have together. He was standing by my desk, and said, "I've missed you." Then he pulled out a boquet of roses and handed them to me, "These are for you," he said. 

Then I woke up. 

This quote does not exist.