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im quiting.
im done.
wittys gay.

Quotes by XxkristenXx749

r  s  o  n  g  i  s  t  h  e
slammin screen door      x x      sneakin out late
» tapping     on     your     window «
[when we're on the phone and you talk real slow]
cause it's late  ///   &&   ///  your mama don't know
our  song  is  the
way  you  laugh  the  first  date
((man i didn't kiss her && I should have ))
&& when I got home before I said amen
asking god if he could play it again
I think im falling in love with hi
when he catches you looking at him
       [  [  r  e  m  e  m  b  e  r  ]  ]
.hwas looking back.
If you give me you heart, I promise, I won't let it touch the ground.

& boys, if your mom
still drives you to school,
you're not a gangster.

p u l l   u p   y o u r   p a n t s


so  baby  don't  worry
-->you'll be my only<--
((     no need to worry   ))
  e   v   e   n    i  f     t   h   e   

SkY iS FAlliNG dOWN*

&Here's to the Girls
who never won.
The girls who sat late at night listening to music
that inspires them to do things next to i m p o s s i b l e.
The girls that laugh, smile and cry on a daily basis.
The girls who live, learn and regret.
The girls who may never have it easy.
The girls who learned the hard way, and (lived to tell about it).
The real girls.

you make me smile