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KONY 2012

Please favorite...for every favorite it shows that the messege is slowly spreading! :D

Reasons why its great to be single

1. Dont have to impress anyone
2. heartbreaks? i dont think so

3. you can talk to other guys without having to explain yourself
4.more time on your hands

5.holidays are a little less stressful ... you dont have to worry on what to buy your other half
6.your to beautiful for a guy to handle

7. independence!
8. you dont have to repeat taylor swift's songs ( unless their happy ones :p)

9.your shoulder is free for your best friend to cry on when she breaks up
10. " omg you just broke up, no wayyyy!!!!!!"  wont hear that

11. even though your single now youll have the perfect prince when the time is right! <3

Do you ever realize that the guys on witty all seem extremly attractive in their profiles?
Dont you hate when the day you dress down
            and go to the store...
                 you run into everybody you know
                       and the day you dress up
                             and go to the store...
                                   you see noone you know! =o

sorry just venting you can make it pretty if you want
Once in a while,
right in the middle of an
ordinary life,

love can give us a
fairy tale <3

found it ofline and thought it was cute :)

 Reasons Why You Should:

1. It looks great on you
2. Its the second best thing you can do with your lips ;)
3. It can make someone else's day
4. Its a proven fact, that when you smile, it makes you seem more approachable

Its sad when
                           your dreams
      become another's reality

sorry lazy with the desgin