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I havent been on in a longg time but i just need to type..
I dont know what to say to you when you look me in the eyes. We fight like a married couple. We talk like best friends. And we look at each other like lovers. But when I look deep into your eyes i can see her start to show up. I've tried everything. I know you still care about me. You have to. I know you would have said goodbye a long time ago if you didnt feel something. We belong together. What is soo hard to understand about that. I can hang on for awhile but i dont know how much more of her yelling at me for no reason. If you didnt care you wouldnt have stuck up for me this whole time. Everything is just soo hard and pointless..
Sorry guys i really just needed to type and get this off my head

Society brings us
all done because it
wishes it was us<3

Witty girls.. i need major advice!
Anyone willing to help?! (:
Im in the mood to give advice! anyone need some?! (:

Everytime I close my eyes the
conversations replay in my head &
for the first time my dreams hurt
more than my reality   <3

If you want the
truth you have
to promise not to
run after you hear it <3

Hate people
how will talk trash
about you but yet
dont have balls to ask
you the story behind it

June 17th, 2011.
i lost you. i lost myself. i lost life. i lost trust.
f*ck cancer and what it does</3


please dont give up.

i already did...



When someone says "People who cut are emo"

All i can do is look down at my arms and think

"What would they say if they
really knew me?"