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Does it happen to anyone else;
 That when you and your boyfriend break up he suddenly gets so much cuter?

Alright im done.
Im done playing youre little game, boy. Because unlike you i dont want to waste my days crying over someone who doesnt want me. You seemed liek everything i wanted, everything i needed but how could that change? How could how we felt change in a matter of days? I think i love you, but you dont feel the same. What can i do? Wait for you? Sorry, but im done waiting im not some damsel in distress. This princess will find her prince another time. Because if you wanted me, you would have rescued me along time ago. </3

SaMaNtHa (Venting a little) And 2morrow my 6month blahh haha, wella ctually today..)
Today i wrote on my mirror in black eyeliner everything i didnt like about myself.
Then, next to it i made a list of all the things i liked about myself.
Guess which list was longer?
Too tired to edit, if ya wanna do it for me just let me knoww thanks(:
I look at the _clock its 11:09 and i think 2 more minutes and i can finally make_ my wish; the wish

--->will solve everything. The wish that will show you that you really love me and care about me,<---

that this whole thing is pointless.

>*Only problem? My best friends are sleeping over, and the funniest
commercial weve ever seen comes on, and we couldnt stop laughing. Then i remember to look at the 

c l o c k a n d i t s " 1 1 : 1 3 " .


Girls, please;
|Stop looking in your mirror and bringing yourself down. Saying your not pretty enough or your not skinny enough|
*& Because thats never true. Whats beautiful about anyone is their confidence, and personality.
_---->Outer beauty is and always will be only skin deep. So please believe me, when i tell you too pick your head up today, smile at everyone and never look down upon yourself.
^&+Because no matter what you do, no matter how many mistakes you make, you did it for a reason.
~And that reason you should never regrette. I dare you to look in the mirror today and say to yourself "I am beautiful, and i am confident."~
The girl that smiles back at you, is the amazing person you are.
>>Never forget that<<

                                                                                       I wish that we were 5 years old all over again. 
                                                                        When a scrap on your knee meant you were dieing. When 
                                                                 no one cared what you wore, because labels didnt exist yet. Where 
                                                       the biggest fight you and your friends got into was that they took your crayon. 
                                            When playing with barbies, and looking in your back yard for burried treasure was how 
                                                      your days were spent. Barney and dragon tales were the coolest shows to watch.
                                                               And when everyone would always tell us, "Maybe when your older,". 
                                                                            Well now im all grown up. And everything i wanted or 
                                                                                    thought i did, isnt that important to me anymore.  
                                                                                            I suddenly wish that i made the most of those
                                                                                                 years in elementary school. Because up 
                                                                                                       here in the grown up world fun
                                                                                                                   a whole new meaning.
The ([sexiest]) thing about a ^*girl is 

Didnt do much with colors....Sa<Ma<Nt<Ha
                       I miss you.
                         Your sweet face, Your gentle touch, Those big brown eyes 
           i love so much. Your smell, Your smile, Your laugh every once and awhile. 
            Your personality, Your name, Our song, there not to blame. I cry and cry,
               Every night i remember, How i lost you and how now your gone forever. 
         The weeds grew over, The flowers wilted, The bear i lost, The necklace forgivin.
    All the pictures of you and me burned, all the laughs weve spent have been returned.

                                             I want it all back, I just dont know if i can do it. 
                        Falling in love, Is it worth going through it? My hearts been broken, 
                             But i cant shake the feeling, Of when i was in your arms; Warm and 
                                    appealing. I know i still miss you, I cant let that go. But my 
                               heart beat is cooling, and the rivers still flow. My bags are packed,
                           The car is running. Im not looking back, Cause im afraid your coming.
                      I still peak back, Inside there's apart of me hoping. But your not there, Its still 
                          disapointing. I hug all my friends, Thick tears in my eyes. Not one of them
                                                            for you, Because its time to say 

Im sorry teddy,
So sorry for being in love with him. I know he's hurt me, But he doesn't mean it. Remember teddy? He told me he loves me too? Well i believe him. But im so very sorry for all the tears i've let fall, and stain my cheeks. Also for the late night talks weve had when you needed your sleep. I let him get to me. But remember? He told me he loved me too? Well i believe him. I cant explain to you how i feel right now. Can you help me teddy? Point me in the right direction. Guide me to an answer. You protected me from the monster under my bed, and from the dark. Why wont you protect me now? Please teddy.
Remember teddy? He told me he loved me?
               Well    i   
believe    him.


&& t h e r e s  r e a s o n w h y t h e y s a y
Actions speak louder than words.
Because when i tell you i love you, You dont believe me.
But when i look into your eyes and hold your hand;
You just know.