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Hi witty! I like cats.. 



Cats are cool.







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Well it started with your hips, so I moved up to your lips to take a chance ask for a dance because your the cutest thing, on this side of the world. We call our homes, yet I feel so all alone half of the time we have to live with what we got and I got nothing so I pray you'll take my hands and we can conjure up with something rad. And you could move on with your whole life, just like you do, just like you shoobie doo doo too. And you could make everything alright, and I want you too, becuase ever since the first dance all I thought about was loving on you.
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Quotes by XxwittykittyxX

*ELSE? *
Is more excited about Boxing day * *than Christmas.        *
*        *             *
      *       *           *                *
*     *      *               *           *        * 
Does anyone
know the rain date for the end of the world?

*             *
       *                   *
  *        *       *

Why are so many people getting top quotes with the saying
"All I want for christmas is him


Worst feeling ever #12
When it doesn't come in your size.


Dear Steve,
You really need to make a catagory called            "Depresing storys nobody want to read."

Sincerely, I come here to laugh after my already  sh-tty day.

My "friends" that were my "friends" that are still my "friends" but not really my "friends" but I still call them my "friends" aren't my "friends" anymore.
Just me?
The best part of Baby Bell cheese is
Playing with the wax. 
Why is everyone so obsessed with the idea of "kissing in the rain" ?
-in risk of catching a cold
-look like sh*t
-freezing you a// off
-wishing you were inside.

"I wish all my presents were pre-wrapped."
 Me: "Try

Worst feeling ever #11
When someone gives you a christmas present and all you can do is say "thank you" and smile because you have nothing to give them in return.