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Quotes by Y0UNGL0V3MURD3R

I don’t wanna pretend to be happy anymore, this fake smile is starting to hurt my cheeks. I don’t wanna think about the future, because I know it’s nothing but bleak. I don’t wanna leave this house anymore, I don’t even wanna leave this bed. I don’t wanna be awake anymore, all I hear is this chaos in my head. I don’t wanna breathe anymore, I'm just better off dead.
I’m just gonna keep my feelings to myself and keep smiling like there is nothing wrong with me
It’s just that every day I think I believe a little less and a little less and a little less…and that sucks…
If you find you are trying to force something, this is the time to let go
I started to wonder if what we felt for each other was more than both of us thought. It wasn’t like or even love. It was just…more. More than anything I had felt. More than words could describe. More than both of us knew. I felt something more for him and he felt something more for me and for now, more was enough.
To have you by my side is what I live for
It’s just that you drive me crazier than anyone I’ve ever met because I’ve never seen someone so perfect, someone who stuck out of a crowd so well and elegantly. You’re the best bad habit I’ve ever had because once you’ve captured my heart, there was no where I wouldn’t go with you and nothing I wouldn’t do with you. Your eyes are like an 8th wonder of the world and your smile resembles the sun. I want you to be mine, but you can’t be mine because you don’t want to be mine and even if you did, you belong to the universe.
He was the only one who could show me the clouds without buying a plane ticket
it’s necessary for me sometimes just to be alone and quiet and doing nothing
but what if we really are all that’s out there? nine marbles spinning in space, and in the entirety of the universe, we are all we’ll ever have? one blue echo of time looking, impossibly, for answers.