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the namess kayla _* this thing doesnt let me do much like colors and shizz but its cool i likenn it well i love my girlssss thea my life =] and i recently brokeup so yeahh that explains some shizz =] lol well hes a jerk and he lost out not meee and thats all you get to know bout meeee nevah given out my snn =] kaylaa xo

Quotes by YAHHxGAy28

waitfortherightquy *
but in the m e a n t i m e ,
have fun with the wronq oness
everyone tries to impress that special ;;
someone, but if you can't get them by being *
aŠ [( yourself )] Ša
then they can't be that special <|3
how come every good thing that
happens to me.. is gone so fast?
everything i want i can't havee
fate teased me. it let me meet '
the best thing ever... and thenn
tore me away from it...
i miss you.<33

make the <3 in a color that you likeee ;]
such as the lighter purple and the font is going to be comic sans ms in black and yeahh yw. =]