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yeah um high school sucks... or at least mine does.. IM me for comments or even if u hate my stuff because i love hearing from ppl!

Quotes by YOUandMExo8js

life is unpredictable.
{ love is just plain c r a z y. }
and you're my one and only...
just stare into her
eyes and tell her
that you love her
and i know it seems
so simple, but
sometimes, simple
is all it takes..
and for a moment,
all the world fades away.
and it's just you and me.
But only for a moment..
&& after all this time,
I'm still not over you...
you're the most gorgeous
thing thats happened to me..

gorgeous- bigger and colorful =]
hold me close,
sway me to the music,
whisper in my ear,
t e l l m e t h a t
y o u l o v e m e
at some point,
you realize that
you love him.
not for his looks
or his friends
or his popularity,
but because he's
wiling to pick up
your pieces,
even if they cut
his hands.

mine off the top of my head
*feel free to change stuff if ya wanna
A guy and a girl can be just friends,
but at one point or another,
they will fall for each other...
Maybe temporarily,
maybe at the wrong time,
maybe too late, or maybe..


italicize forever and make it pretty!

It's a nasty thing.

The blame on me:

Changing you.

And now, six months
later you tell me?

You never should have
been with me.

Well I can take it.

I'll steer clear from