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What is today? Today is Valentines day. & i feel like shit. 
I'm sadly single crushing on my ex.. 
It's so hard dating a guy you loved for 6 months and liking him for 7 months. Then after breaking up thinking that was the right thing to do you find out he likes someone else already and bursting into tears thinking that might help, well it doesn't. & after him promising you, you would be the first girl he kisses he goes kissing another girl in his school and still liking her. Wow. What happened to .. '' i'll always love you no matter what?'' did it just fade away? Or was it a lie? I'm weak and I admit it. I hope your enjoying flirting with her like how you did with me.. what hurts the most was being so close and having so much to say but not knowing how or when. I wish someone can understand the position I'm in.. I don't want this. I really don't. But i wish he can understand how much feelings  I have for him. 
I hope you enjoy your life with her Hadi. But know one thing, no one has ever loved you as much as i do. and no one will ever love you as much as i do. 
I'm done:'). 

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